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Beware of scammer Amazon book sellers


I just wanted to share with you all a situation I’ve been going through in regards to a book I bought through a private seller on Amazon. The book was called The Magicians Tables : A Complete Book of Correspondences by Alan Richardson . It is a pretty rare book, not published anymore and can be pretty pricey to buy. It has been recommended by one of my favorite YouTubers Ashera Star Goddess (a really cool witchy YouTuber) and has received really good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads . So taking this into consideration, I was so excited to purchase this book for my collection thinking it would be a helpful addition to my witchy library.

After giving the purchase a lot of thought, on August 10th 2018 I decided to purchase my own copy of the Magicians Tables from a company called USA MART . At the time USA MART had the cheapest price out of all the other sellers at $91.64 CAD . It was pricey but I decided i’d make the investment and give myself a late birthday present. There was a sketchy red flag that I totally was blind to. Weirdly, the book was expected to arrive the latest by Oct 3rd 2018.. I don’t understand why I didn’t think about this, which makes me feel disappointed in myself. How does it take a book 3 months to be shipped to you? Especially when it is an American company and you live in Canada? I beat myself up over this all the time. I am too trusting, and stupidly patient. I guess I just really wanted to have that book in that moment. Being a loyal Amazon customer and using PayPal for all of my purchases I put all my trust into this seller, foolishly thinking to myself “oh it’ll be fine. Amazon is a huge well known company and  wouldn’t allow a seller to scam me.” So I forgot about my purchase until October rolled in, and when October 3rd passed by, I continued to wait giving USA MART the benefit of the doubt. Around the same time there was a postal strike in Canada, and I was still trying to make excuses for the soon to be discovered no show of my book. 

The first message I sent out was on October 16th 2018. This was well over the date that the book was expected to arrive. The email was sent out a lot later than it should have, but I lost track of time due to a lot of things happening in my personal life. 

When I sent this email, Amazon let me know to give USA MART an additional 5 business days to respond. I kept checking for responses here and there. Apparently I missed their response back to me, which was strange because when I was checking frequently and there was nothing under my Amazon messages. I sent another message back to them saying similar things that I had sent on my original message. Waited around a week for them to respond, then decided to call Amazon customer service. Amazon customer service was quite helpful during the phone call. They let me know about the message that I missed from USA MART (oct 17th 2018), which said that they had no other copies of the book that they could give me, but they were  open to giving me a full refund. I was so happy, and ready to put everything behind me. Amazon’s customer service wrote USA MART back agreeing on my behalf that I would gladly accept my refund. 

In response to Amazon’s Customer service contacting USA MART, they responded back with another message that read this. 

I did what they suggested by contacting my post office. The post office said that there was no package there waiting to be picked up. I waited till November 5th to see if the book would arrive. It did not. I sent a request for my refund on November 7th 2018. 

USA MART responded back the same day with a message about issuing me a refund . If I had any issues to let them know. In the message it states to please wait up to 5 business days for the refund. 

Again I waited another 5 business days for this refund to magically appear back into my bank account. It didn’t. Shocker. I sent another message to them. I responded on November 20th 2018,  another late response but life got busy again. 

This was the last message that I sent, nothing was ever sent back to me as a response as of today (December 10th 2018). A week later from my last message to them,  I decided to call Amazon’s customer service as a final try to get my refund. I explained my whole story to the woman I was speaking to. The call seemed really rushed and she kept assuring me that all would be handled. I have yet to still see a refund on my bank statements or credit card. I even checked PayPal to see if it would show there. No such luck. 

I wanted to share this with you all because sellers like this should be held accountable. I don’t understand why Amazon has not done anything to remove or at least give USA MART some kind of penalty. I hope to warn others that are too trusting like myself, of the false security that Amazon provides its customers with its private sellers. It’s the wild west once you decide to trust a independent seller. Make sure to always read the reviews on the sellers page. Read their return policy. Be wary of anything suspicious such as a long 2-3 month wait for a item to be shipped to you. If you really want something, do more research on other options to buy from.  Be smart, especially if you are buying something expensive. 

I want to leave additional findings that I found when looking on their review page on Amazon. This is the page I should have read before I bought from them . These are other comments from people who haven’t received their items from this seller. There’s about a 24% negative review percentage, which is alarmingly pretty high. There was one comment that I found that stood out from the rest. “Never received item. I suspect they sell items first then try to obtain them (or not), and with very long delivery times hope you just forget about the stuff for which you were charged up front.” 

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I agree with this suspicion. I’ve thought of similar things myself. USA MART is running quite the operation, selling rare book items, having them expected to arrive months later, and keeping up with the illusion of good customer service. Stay away from this book seller. It’s not worth the trouble.

I want to post more of the reviews I found. A lot of them are positive, where people do actually receive their items. Lucky them. The amounts of negative reviews scattered around the feedback section show me that this issue of missing books or extremely late arrivals are a common thing. 

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Oh and apparently they’re selling another copy of the book that should of been mine. So when they say that they have “no more additional copies of that I can send you” that’s a flat out lie. 

Everyday Witchery #1


As witches and magickal practitioners trying to live magickally extrodinary lives, sometimes the mundane things of life can get in the way. Depending on how busy you are it can be difficult to make time for rituals, cleansings, meditations, affirmations, or even just alone time. I believe the secret to overcome this is simple. With intention and a bit more understanding of correspondences, everything you do in life can be as magickal as your rituals and meditations.  

In saying this, I hope to create a series of small tips and tricks to integrate your magickal practice with your day to day ordinary life. Whether you consider yourself to be a witch, magickal practitioner, New age spiritualist, or undefined, hopefully these “hacks” will help you out on your journey. 

So here are some witch hacks you can try out :

  1. Using Hair Products With Natural Ingredients — hair products that contain any trance of natural ingredients can be used for protecting yourself or even aid in manifesting. The more natural and clean the hair product is, the more effective it will be. The hair product I do recommend to use would be hair Oil. Oils are already a staple in witchcraft all over the world. They are used to dress candles, anoint petitions, and even be worn on the body for protection. Simply hold the bottle with both hands and visualize and feel the energy charge the bottle. Say aloud “I anoint the ingredient “coconut” to provide me protection from all dangers and to purify my aura so I am at my best.” This is just a example, feel free to reword it to your liking. Then massage a small amount of the oil into the scalp and through the hair. Either chant or say the intention in your head. Envision a shield of protection surrounding you, and feel protected. If available, you can add your own essential oils to the hair oil. This will increase your potency and effectiveness. you will also be able to anoint more ingredients to focus on other things you want to achieve. 
Using coconut oil can really help with dry and damaged hair. The coconut oil will help add luster, shine, and softness to hair and even helps rid the scalp of dandruff

2. Kitchen Witchery  —  Living your magickal life cannot be complete without bringing your magick into the kitchen . Food nourishes us from our core, and feeds us so we grow. So why wouldn’t it make sense to feed our powerful intentions into our bodies? You can use literally any plant based ingredient, and charge it with your energy and intentions. Herbs are especially useful for this. Already they are used in dressing candles, making oils, and put into floor washes. Simply take the herbal ingredients you were going to add and hold the herbs, charging your intention into them . It always helps to envision the energy going into the herbs and say your intention aloud. Cook with the herbs. You can also chant your intentions while you cook. If you are making something that can be stirred, you can stir clockwise to draw forward or stir counter clockwise to draw away.

You can use dried herbs or fresh herbs depending on your preference. Some practitioners prefer fresh herbs because they are considered to be more magically potent.

3. Enchanted Jewelry — This witch hack is a easy and (if you want) a discrete way to bring your Magick with you. I recommend using a jewelry piece that either is a talisman i.e pentacle, a crystal, or something that is real gold or silver. These materials have a lot of history backing them, and are still commonly used for rituals and spiritual protection. The pentacle as a talisman is commonly used in Wicca and many other witchcraft practices for protection. It is used to open and close circles, protect from negative entities, and even control them. A crystal piece can be a very handy addition to your spiritual arsenal. Depending on the crystal, you will able to attribute many uses for them. For example having a clear quartz necklace can help you with clearing your mind, helping you focus, amplifying your manifestations, clearing out negativity, sharpening psychic abilities, and emotional and spiritual healing. Wearing real silver and gold jewelry can help you achieve your manifestation goals quicker. This is because these metals are conductors. If there’s a gemstone or crystal attached to something silver or gold (i.e a chain) , the gem or crystals abilities will be amplified. Silver is also know for it’s emotional healing, and connection to the psychic mind. Gold is also a master healer, it can amplify and transmit negative energy into positive. It also has the ability to cleanse your chakras and purify your aura. 

Silver has a long history of being associated with healing and protection from evil. Vampires and werewolves are commonly seen in pop-culture and folklore to be vulnerable to the protective power of silver. 

 4. The magickal benefits of skincare — while following your daily beauty regimen, you can also add a little bit of magick to the mix. Similar to energetically putting your intention into the natural ingredients in different hair products, you can do the same for skincare. Again the more natural the skincare product is, the more powerful the effect of the herbal ingredients will have.  Charging your skincare can easily be attributed to beauty spell work, however you can do pretty much any spell work that would benefit you such as luck, protection, healing, prosperity, self confidence, and attraction spells. You can also get creative and strategically apply your skincare in circular directions to manipulate the type of energies you want, such as drawing in (clockwise motions) or repelling (counter clockwise). The type of skincare I am choosing you show you in this post is a rose water spray. This can be a very handy addition to your arsenal because it can be applied onto your skin at anytime. This water will provide your skin with extra moisture, and aid as a anti-inflammatory  component in your regimen to help improve redness, irritations, and acne. You can apply this at the end of your beauty regimen as well. Magically speaking, rose water is a great way to draw in romance, self love, friendship, self healing, beauty, and help strengthen your manifestations. 

Rose water is very easy to find, you can find it in your local grocery store, the beauty section of a department store, or even make your own from rose petals and distilled water that is brought to simmer on low heat.

So those were a handful of different tips and tricks you can add to your ordinary day to day life to make it more magickal. I will be adding more Everday Witchery to this blog in the near future.